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Regina as she appears in Dino Crisis 2.

Regina is a main character from the Dino Crisis series of horror games, appearing in Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2. She is an intelligence agent for the Secret Operation Raid Team and weapons expert, specializing in weapons maintenance. Her agility and cool judgment are her greatest strengths. As such, she is superior at running, evasion and ascending ladders. She is considered the most well-known and popular character from the Dino Crisis games.



Over the course of the first game, Regina finds herself with three weapons to choose from: a Glock 34 automatic pistol (upgradeable and modifiable with sights), a Franchi PA3 12 gauge shotgun (upgradeable and modifiable with stocks) and a HK69A1 40mm Grenade Gun (also upgradeable).

In the second game, Regina starts the game with a Desert Eagle handgun and a stungun, which immobilizes enemies. Other weapons must be purchased with extinction points garned from killing dinosaurs. They are as follows:

  • Submachine Guns - MP5K, Lightweight weapons, one for each hand. However, firepower is meager.
  • Heavy Machine Gun - M60E3, Rapid-fire ability and power.
  • Missile Pod - Fires three homing rockets at once. The most powerful weapon overall.
  • Flame Launcher - (can also be used by Dylan) - Launches wide-range blazes.
  • Firewall - (can also be used by Dylan) - It creates a wall of fire, enabling Regina to avert frontal attacks.
  • Chainmine - (can also be used by Dylan) - Fires five mines into the ground, turning the enemy over on its back.
  • Needle Gun - A basic underwater weapon that fires an unlimited supply of three needles simultaneously.
  • Shockwave - Shoots a wave of shock, immobilizing underwater enemies.
  • Aquagrenade - Most powerful underwater weapon. Fires small torpedoes, and is capable of destroying hard materials.

Alternate costumes[]

If the player can finish the original game once, Regina is given two alternate costumes to wear instead of her typical black body-suit. One is the Army Type, and the other is the Battle Type. If the player finishes the game a second time, a third costume is unlocked. The Ancient Type makes Regina look like a cavegirl, blending in with the environment in a humorous way.

Other appearances[]


  • In the opening movie scene, the player can see Regina use M16A1 assault rifle with M203 grenade launcher.


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