Rangda Bangda

Rangda Bangda is a character from the Mega Man X action platformer games. It is an ancient temple-based boss that appeared in three Mega Man X games.


Mega Man XEdit

There are three parts Rangda Bangda uses in the game:

  • Red Eye - This will shoot Mega Man X and then move. It then repeats the pattern.
  • Blue Eye - This doesn't shoot, it moves, but X will take damage if he touches it. It then repeats the pattern.
  • Green Eye - This will only stay on the part where the eye is and it'll shoot. It then repeats the pattern.
  • Core - The walls will come in the arena, and X has to notice that there are spikes in the arena. It'll bounce in the entire arena with walls. When it goes to its place, the walls will go away. It then repeats the pattern.

It is best to use Chameleon Sting against it, but the pattern is the same. However, X cannot shoot Chameleon Sting if it is fully charged at each part of it.

Mega Man X5Edit

This Rangda Bangda is based on an Egyptian temple. The parts are modified:

  • Green Eye - This will shoot and follow Mega Man X or Zero until he's far. It then repeats the pattern.
  • Blue Eye - This eye will behave, except it'll move on another space. It repeats again.
  • Red Eye - This will create a large beam around the arena, since X or Zero has to be damaged by the beam. It'll then repeat again.
  • Sun - The walls will again rise in the arena. It'll then move in a wall and Mega Man X or Zero will have to be careful as the spikes appear. The sun then repeats again. Spikes will also appear on walls.

This Rangda Bangda is considered one of the toughest bosses in the entire Mega Man franchise, along with Dr. Wily in Mega Man 7 and the Shadow Devil.

Mega Man Zero 4Edit

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  • In the iPhone remake of Mega Man X there is a glitch in the boss battle. If X destroys the core, the walls won't go away, and it's very hard for X to see the eyes. The glitch will go away if he destroys the eyes or dies by falling into the spikes.
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