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Ramon Salazar and his Verdugos

Ramon Salazar (voiced by Rene Mujica) is the eighth castellan of the castle that serves as a setting for part of Resident Evil 4.

Salazar's ancestor, the first castellan, was responsible for sealing Las Plagas in his castle centuries ago and dissolving the cult that worshiped them. Salazar himself, however, aided in unearthing Las Plagas and reviving the cult, having been corrupted by Osmund Saddler. His diminutive stature, gray hair and wrinkled face give him the appearance of an old man, but he states that he is only 20 years old. He is protected by two cloaked bodyguards known as Verdugos.

Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham encounter Salazar at many points, as they make their way through his castle. He uses various means to capture Ashley and neutralize Leon, usually involving his minions, the Ganados or various booby traps. But during the last confrontation, where Leon catches up to Salazar and the remaining Verdugo, Salazar elects to stand and fight. He and his Verdugo merge with an enormous Plaga, and re-emerge bonded into one huge tentacled entity.