Rain is a fighting game character and antagonist who first appeared in Plasma Sword, the second game in the Star Gladiator series of 3D futuristic-themed fighting games.

Profile Edit

Rain is Bilstein's beautiful and ambitious German-American daughter who fights with a Plasma Scythe. Rain was sent by her father to capture all of the male Plasma masters and imprison them at Bilstein's lair. Later, Rain's father had planned to use their DNA, Hayato's in particular, and impregnate his own daughter, making her the mother of "New Human Beings": people who would hypothetically have unstoppable Plasma power to the point of easy universal domination.

If Rain succeeds in her mission of defeating and subduing Hayato, she will find Bilstein's plan boring and after beating her own father, Rain will nominate herself as queen of the universe with the men as her slaves.

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