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Quiz & Dragons: Capcom Quiz Game is a quiz game released in arcades in 1992. The game combined elements of RPGs with that of board games to create a unique twist to the quiz game genre. This game is included on Vol. 2 of Capcom Classics Collection for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Illustrations were done by SENSEI.


Capcom System 1 - Quiz & Dragons Intro



The World Map

The game plays similar to a board game, where the player is given a predetermined dice roll that moves the player up to six spaces on the board; however, if the player is so given the choice, he can move to a space of his choosing if there is a fork in the road. After landing on a space, the player is given a series of questions (the amount of questions needed to be answered increase as the game progresses) in order to proceed back to the board for another dice roll. The player is given a time limit to answer the question, with points given that vary based on how fast the player answered the question correctly. If the player is successful in answering a question, one of the orbs above the enemy's portrait will light up, indicating a correct answer. If the player answers a question incorrectly, he will lose a life point. if the player loses all life points, the player must continue within the time limit or else the game is over.

There are also two special spaces on the game board that the player may land on. If a player lands on an INN space, the player is only required to answer one question correctly, the innkeeper will increase his health by ranging from two to four points of Vitality. The other space is an ELF space, where the player is also required to answer one question correctly and the Elf grants him either a healing item, a magical item which adds a benefit on the next quiz, or a shortcut that allows the player to skip all remaining squares and land directly on the stage boss.

In lieu of the title, the large squares on the board depicts one of Gordian's wurm minion or a chromatic dragon. The player cannot skip this battle and must answer the questions in order to move on in the game.

Japanese version[]

The Japanese version, released two years later than the US version, has certain RPG elements added to it, as well as redrawn portraits for the characters and bosses. Correctly answering a question deals damage to the monster, while answer incorrectly and the player takes damage from the monster. Players also level up as they gain experience when answering correctly.

There are also special effects like undead monsters that have low HP but resurrect once or twice before being destroyed, humanoids flee when life is low and swapped by another monster, and dragons even revive as dracoliches. Upon an incorrect answer, dragons/dracoliches may do double damage; steal a life point from the player; or paralyze the player, speeding up the timer till it reaches zero and causes him to lose another life. The player can only remedy this condition by tapping the button of the correct answer rapidly.


The far off land of Capconia lived in peace and prosperity for years thanks in part to the Knowledge Tree, a tree in which the holder of the tree's seeds are granted infinite knowledge of the world around them. However, an evil being known as Gordian has taken a seed of the tree and planted a Knowledge Tree of his own. Gordian has given some of the seeds to some of the dragons in the land and now, whichever unfortunate soul who cannot answer any of the dragons' questions correctly will be eaten by them. The King then decides to send out four brave warriors entrusted with the knowledge of the land to stop Gordian and end his tyranny once and for all.



Promotional art.

  • Fighter - A 28-year old swordsman named Kalcor. He recovers vitality the fastest.
  • Wizard - A 318-year old sorcerer named Roajin. He can change categories the most often, and his skill is similar to the Magic Scroll.
  • Amazon - A 24-year old female warrior named Lagnel. She can cut off 1 or 2 choices, increasing the chance of a correct answer to 33% or 50%. Her skill is similar to the effects of a Magic Staff or Magic Sword.
  • Ninja - A 35-year old bladesmaster named Shin. He can make short work of monsters by dealing double damage per correct answer, thus reducing the total correct answers required by 50%. In the Japanese version, the Ninja's skill creates a shadow clone, allowing him to answer twice. The clone absorbs the damage of the first mistake, and the Ninja himself won't take damage until he chooses another incorrect answer.

Note: In the Japanese version, all characters can inflict double damage to enemies at Level 7, which is the maximum level.


Japanese Version [Staff][]

Programmer: LT-1, Sakontz, Motsu
Planner: Ohko, Tomoshibi Itsuno, Numacchi
Obj Design: Koryu Chokuryu, Kurisan, Kitasan
Scroll Design: Fukumoyan, Ziggy, Daisuke
Mr. Sound Effect: Toshio Kajino, Himejijo Kitamura
Songwriting: Oyaji [Oyaji], Yoshinori Ono
Special Thanks: Katsuo, Kaddon, You!, and Capcom All Staff
Presented by: Capcom


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