DarRes Pyron
Pyron character artwork for Darkstalkers Resurrection. Art by Stan Lau.
Full Name
Birthplace Planet Hellstorm
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Measurements (Bust, Waist, Hip)
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Pyron is a character from the Darkstalkers series of gothic-horror themed fighting games.


An alien from the planet Hellstorm, after evolving over many years, Pyron became a cosmic being. Over the time of 200 million years, he sought to collect beautiful planets by consuming them. He lands deep within the Atlantic ocean to wait for the right time to consume Earth. In the end, he was defeated by Demitri and was consumed by him.

Other appearancesEdit

Capcom Fighting EvolutionEdit

Pyron appeared in Capcom Fighting Evolution as the final boss and as a secret playable character.

UDON comicsEdit

Pyron appeared in UDON'S Darkstalkers comic as one of the main antagonists. He came to Earth 65 million years ago and created the army of Huitzil robots to destroy life on Earth. It is explained that the reason why Pyron didn't consume Earth when he first arrived was because he wanted it to "ripen" before harvesting it.


In Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, Pyron made a cameo appearance in Tekkaman's ending. His name has been misspelled as "Pylon". Pyron also appeared as one of the Rival Units in the crossover tactical RPG Project X Zone 2.

Pyron can be seen as a cameo appearance in the prologue art of episode 19 in Asura's Wrath, hidden at the bottom right corner.

Powers and abilities Edit

Pyron is one of the most powerful characters in the Darkstalkers series. He can pull planets out of their orbit and, as shown in his ending, can grow to a size so immense that he can wear the planets around his fingers as if they were rings and can even grow to a size that far surpasses the Milkyway. He can also consume the planet's energy to the point that it becomes a cinder, as implied by his own words in his ending. He can also consume the energies of other celestial objects. He is also capable of generating energy orbs as projectile attacks like the Sol Smasher and Cosmo Disruption. He can also contort his body to form shapes like cyclones, burning wheels, and a flaming pillar with a laughing face. He can also create an energy barrier around himself and even entrap his opponents inside it. As he can travel through space at speeds, at or above light, he is also capable of flight and levitation.


  • Pyron is most likely meant to be representative of one of the fabled cosmic beings from Mars. The planet Mars is often associated with fire because of its bright red color as seen from Earth. This connection to Mars also explains the reasoning (in the UDON comics) behind naming his army of robots "Phobos", which is the larger and innermost of Mars' two moons (though they are renamed Huitzil in the American releases).
  • Pyron is not playable in the original game because he's the final boss, but he, along with Huitzil, can be playable if the game is hacked. Later he became playable in the second game, where he was also the final boss again.
  • Pyron also appeared in Darkstalkers 3, but only on the home console version. Even though he was canonically dead, he has a "What if" story.

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