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Power Stone was a 26 episode anime series, based on the first game of Capcom's 3D fighting game series of the same name, which aired in 1999. It differed somewhat from the storyline in the game in terms of plot and some character relationships.

In association from Capcom, it was produced by Pierrot Studios, a Japanese animation studio made up of former members of Tatsunoko. The English version was produced by Lacey Entertainment.

Six DVD volumes were released during the 2000s by ADV Films, which are now somewhat difficult to find.


Power Stone Fighters

Art of the characters in the anime.


CharacterJapanese voice actorEnglish voice actor
Edward Falcon Masaya OnosakaRobert Tinkler
Ayame Tomoko KawakamiStephanie Morgenstern
Ryoma Mitsuo IwataEdward Glen
Rouge Ryōko NagataStacey Depass
Wang-Tang Megumi OgataPeter Oldring
Gunrock Kiyoyuki YanadaRichard Clarkin
Galuda Masafumi KimuraDennis Sugiyama
Jack Wataru TakagiJulie Lemieux
Kraken Kazuo OkaGeorge Buza
Valgas Akio ŌtsukaTony Daniels
Apollus Kenichi OgataWilliam Colgate
Kikonojo UnknownDamon D'Oliveira
Pride Falcon Jūrōta KosugiMaurice Dean Wint
Jane Falcon Yūko MizutaniSusan Roman
Octo Tōru ŌkawaRobert Smith
Pus Tomohiro NishimuraEddie Glen
Cassie Yuri ShiratoriStephanie Morgenstern
Neros Akio Ōtsuka


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