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Not to be confused with the boss from Mega Man V.

Pluto is a enemy from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. First featured in Resident Evil Dead Aim, it is part of the Tyrant series. Pluto was one of Umbrella's failed bioweapons experiments.


The Pluto Tyrant is yet another of Umbrella's failed experiments. Originally a prisoner only known as Alpha, Pluto developed large amounts of fat instead of musculature. Its eyes were removed, so it guides itself by sound. Large, greenish, and surprisingly agile despite its bulk, Pluto eventually escaped confinement, and met its demise at the hands of Bruce McGivern. This creature will walk around the room until it hears the player, usually from a gunshot or from running, and will then charge. It's best for the player to take aim with the Silenced Handgun and sneak to avoid taking damage.


On the first day of the experiment, a metal rod was hammered into Pluto's frontal lobe to alleviate pain. On the fourth day, his eyes were removed to test how his other senses would react.

Later into the experiment, he would gain mass, becoming overweight around the time he was given steroids to improve his muscles. Despite his immense size, he is also incradibly fast and his acute hearing makes him very accurate.

The experiment was suspended on day 41 after Pluto managed to escape, killing five guards in the process. He would meet his demise at the hands of Bruce McGivern, a government agent sent to arrest a bioterrorist.


  • Its name comes from the Roman god of the underworld.