Planet Work is a free 2011 iPhone/iPod Touch game by Capcom. It is a game about cleaning up the earth's polluted environment.


The player controls a young space explorer who sucks up garbage with his vaccuuming device. A boss waits at the end of every stage.

Development Edit

The most unusual thing about Planet Work is that it was created entirely by college graduates less than a year into their new careers at Capcom.

The project is the brainchild of Jun Takeuchi, veteran producer at Capcom. "Game projects as of late have grown into incredibly huge things in scope," he told Japan's Famitsu magazine in an interview. "It's hard to produce one game a year the way that people used to be able to do. That got me thinking that perhaps the best way to get our new employees a taste of the peaks and valleys of game development is to have them produce a game of their own by themselves.".

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