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Piers Nivans

Piers Nivans is a character from the Resident Evil survival horror games. He was a weapons and melee expert from Resident Evil 6. In the game, he is partnered with Chris Redfield.


Piers and Chris had worked together previously during the Marhawa School incident, though the details of their exploits are not well known at this time. Previously operating for the B.S.A.A. team in Edonia, and led by Chris, a tumultuous event led Chris to break down. Finding him in a bar drowning his sorrow, Piers picked Chris up and coerced him to return to the field. Now a member of the Special Operations Unit, a branch of the North American B.S.A.A., Piers served directly under Chris Redfield again to take down the bioterrorist threat in Langshiang, China.


Piers is a skilled marksman and is the B.S.A.A's top-ranking sniper, according to the files in-game. Further evidence of his abilities as a marksman is shown when Piers dismembers a J'avo's arm with a single shot from his MP-AF.

Piers seems to have an understanding of hacking software, as he was able open a locked door in the prototype testing room. He may also have an understanding in mechanics, as he is able to re-activate a missile to blow up the bulkhead. Piers also has a certain knowledge in pyrotechnics, as he can be seen destroying metal containers blocking his way with explosives.