Pete is a character from the Power Stone series, introduced in Power Stone 2.


Pete is a small character who appears to look like a toy, similar to Pinocchio. He is featured in two of the Power Stone games, Power Stone 2 and Power Stone Collection. His age and hometown are unknown.

Pete is seen by fans and players of the game to have more powerful power fusions than any other Power Stone 2 character. In Power Change, he is known as Invention Boy.

Power Stone Collection biography Edit

In a tiny house in a far off land, there was a toy chest in the corner. Suddenly one day, a toy doll popped out, shining with a heavy glow.

"Finally! I can finally move on my own!"

The doll's name is Pete. And in his chest is a shiny stone... a Power Stone. Through the Power Stone, the fond wish of Pete's owner had finally come true- and given Pete life.

"My dream is to create wonderful things that surprise and delight people everywhere!"

With that, Pete flew out the window, climbing higher and higher in the sky.

Gameplay Edit

With his small size he has great speed and can avoid many attacks. He also has the most variety in Power Fusions which gives him an advantage. But when he uses items, they become smaller and less effective. Only in Power Stone Collection, he unlocks the Turbo Helmet.

Power Drive and Power Fusions Edit

  • Energy Shot: Shoots a bolt a lightning. Does not home on the opponent.
  • Toy Parade (Power Fusion) : When on the ground, he conjures up many nutcrackers that fire bullets.
  • Propeller Dream: When above ground, he conjures and guides propellers, to the opponent.
  • Electric Sphere: A sphere of electricity around him. The player can guide him.
  • Electric Pillar: When above ground, he spins unnaturally fast, generating electricity in the process.

Gallery Edit

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