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Pallette is a supporting character from the Mega Man X series. She is one of the three supporting navigators (the other two being Alia and Layer) in Mega Man X8 .


A relatively new navigator for the Maverick Hunters, Pallette is a skilled cartographer who is capable of reading the lay of the land, able to detect structural weaknesses, and advise Hunters on dangers and vantage points near their location. She also helps maintain the R&D lab, developing new gimmicks and upgrades for the Hunters.

As a playable character, Pallette takes after Axl, with the same hovering and rapid-fire ability as the prototype Reploid. However, since she isn't a new-model Reploid, she lacks the ability to use the Copy Shot and Transform skill.


Feisty and short-tempered, Pallette hates to be ignored.


  • Beating the game once will allow the player to purchase Pallette as a selectable character for a second playthrough, only if she was the Navigator the player used the most. The special Chip needed to unlock her costs 40,000 Metals.