Ox-King's sprite in SonSon II.

The Ox-King (牛魔王 Gyūmaō) is the main antagonist and final boss in the platformer game SonSon II. He is a treacherous ox-king who was responsible for the capture of Sanzō and his companions.

Description Edit

The main antagonist behind the events of the game, he kidnapped Sanzō and imprisoned him in his castle. In the boss battle, he reveals that he kidnapped Sanzō as a way to gain eternal life stating that he must kill the player in order to gain it. He attacks shooting rings of fireballs in the direction of the player. After taking enough damage, his body will be destroyed but his head will still move around. As the final effort to kill the player, he will attack by swooping down at the player to ram him. After he is defeated, the ending scene will play.

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