Outer Limits is an organization and the main antagonistic force in the shoot-'em-up game, 19XX: The War Against Destiny.


Outer Limits is an international weapons conglomerate that worked behind the scenes, instigating regional battles throughout the globe for their own evil purposes. During the events of the game, Outer Limits plotted to gain control of the world using a horrific Doomsday Weapon; a pair of massive nuclear warheads with extreme destructive capability. Catching wind of this, the World Peacekeeping Agency deploys the ace pilots Mark Raratto and George Hamill to prevent the launching of the weapon.

The organization has the resources and the capability to create weapons of mass destruction, ranging from aircraft to battleships to ground vehicles, and even highly-advanced mechanized war machines of great size and firepower. They have multiple bases of operation, but their main headquarters is a massive carrier ship situated somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

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