Optic Sunflower

Optic Sunflower (Optic Sunfloward in Japan) is a character from the Mega Man series of action platformer games. He is a Maverick and boss in Mega Man X8.

Profile Edit

He and his army of Mavericks have sabotaged the Helios program in Troia Base. Optic Sunflower's main attack is by warping about, rearranging the blocks in the room while doing so, making doubles of himself, and shooting the Shining Ray. In Overdrive, he'll shout "Earth Crush" and sends out a massive beam. But the weapons from Bamboo Pandamonium do well against him.

It seems that of all the X8 Mavericks, Optic Sunflower had the most unstable mind. He spoke as if delusional, and seemed to enjoy playing with the minds of others. When confronted by Zero, however, Sunflower tells him "I know all about you, Zero. You were meant to be the ultimate destroyer. It's too bad you chose not to follow our master's wishes." Whether he was referring to Sigma or Dr. Wily is unknown.


  • Cut Man makes an appearance in a hidden fight near the end of Optic Sunflower's stage. Accessing it requires having a Mega Man X: Command Mission save on the memory card, or by entering a special button password on the title screen. For the PC version, top ranks must be earned in the level scenarios. He appears in his sprite form from the original Mega Man, with unaltered music. The only changes are that sound effects are a bit updated, the room is now viewed at a slightly different angle as to not be so flat, Cut Man can throw his Rolling Cutter higher to reach walls and ceiling where the player's character might be, and Cut Man himself displays a very Paper Mario-esque effect when turning around.
  • One of Optic Sunflower's attacks is the Tenshouha, a laser beam. In the room where Sunflower is first battled, the Final Weapon from Mega Man X4 is shown in the background, implying that it was the source of the laser beam attack.
  • Due to his feminine voice and slender build, Optic Sunflower is often mistaken as female.


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