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The Novistador are enemies from the Resident Evil series. It is a large insectoid creature that was created from experiments with human specimens by Los Illuminados. These creatures feature in large numbers in the game Resident Evil 4. The name is a portmanteau of the Spanish words No and Vista ("No" and "View"/"Sight") and the noun suffix of dor. As such, the name Novistador can be translated as the "Unseen Creature", but literally means No-sighter. The name refers to the creature's ability to render itself invisible to the naked eye by changing the color of its exoskeleton. Leon encounters the Novistadors during certain areas of Ramon Salazar's castle.


There are three types of Novistadors in the game. The first type encountered has the ability to turn invisible, while the second type may also turn invisible, but differs in that it is completely white and has black eyes. The third type, encountered later in the game, does not turn invisible, but has the ability to fly. Novistadors often fight in packs and may have wings. They attack with their claws and spit acid at their enemies.