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Nosferatu is a boss monster that appears in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, Resident Evil Survivor 2 - CODE: Veronica and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. He is the mutated form of Alexander Ashford, father of Alexia and Alfred.

Appearance Edit

Nosferatu is a bald, pale green humanoid creature wearing a leather mask with metallic clasps covering his bloody eye sockets. His movements are restricted by an article of clothing similar to a leather skirt reinforced with metal clasps around his legs. Even though his hands are tied behind his back with leather-and-metal bindings, he can still strike out with three appendages similar to spider legs that protrude from his back. His body produces a gas that upon contact with oxygen turns into a deadly fog. Nosferatu's weak point is his heart, which is exposed on his chest.

Story Edit

The creature Nosferatu began life as the father of the Ashford twins, Alexander Ashford. In 1981, as an experiment his daughter Alexia injected him with the T-Veronica virus, and locked him in the basement of their Antarctic research facility when the experiment was deemed a failure. He spent the following seventeen years slowly growing insane, due to the virus and the solitude of the sealed room. After a disturbance in the base, he escaped in late 1998, only to be killed by Claire Redfield, who put him out of his misery by sniping his heart with the rifle that originally belonged to his son.

Trivia Edit

The name Nosferatu comes from the Lithuanian word for "immortal", and it was given to him by the workers in the Antarctic facility that heard his bone-chilling cries.

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