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Neon Tiger.

Neon Tiger (Shining Tigerd in Japan) is a boss character from the Mega Man X series of platformer games. He is one of the eight Mavericks from Mega Man X3.


Neon Tiger is a poacher hunter to be a protector of the forest so no one can threaten the wildlife, but he became a Maverick after the Maverick Virus infected him.


Neon Tiger will be difficult to beat without his weakness. He blocks charged shots, so Mega Man X must use uncharged ones. Tiger will shoot Ray Splashers at X where he's standing and then will jump on a wall, making it difficult to beat. To let him fall down quickly, X must use Spinning Blade against him. Whenever he's close to him, he uses his Ray Claw as it's a dangerous move unlike Slash Man as he uses his Slash Claw. Tiger will later do his surprise attack at X as it causes a great deal of damage and then repeats again.

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, he doesn't have an obvious weakness, except he'll dash at X and his weakness is Tornado Fang as it can impale his body where he's about to land. He dashes slowly in Extreme only.

There are two spoils a character will receive after defeating him. X will receive a special weapon, Ray Claw, while Zero receives a technique, Rising.


  • Neon Tiger is one of the only Mega Man X3 bosses to have different weapons as he has two, Ray Splasher and Ray Claw. The others are Volt Catfish (Triad Thunder and Tri-Thunder) and Blast Hornet (Parasitic Bomb and Bomb Bee).