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Naoya Kamisaka (神坂 なおや) is a one-time Capcom music composer who worked on Mega Man X5 with Naoto Tanaka. His real name is Naoya Furutani (古谷 直也).

Other work clients include game developers Dynax and Nakanihon Project[1] and an affiliation with Soramimi Studio (where he composed for Xing Entertainment's Doki Doki Pretty League series during the late 1990s). Kamisaka would later work with Soramimi Studio owner Yasuhiro Inazawa on the Kemco-developed Game Boy Advance title Boulder Dash EX.

Little else is known about Kamisaka, as it seems he has left the video game industry following his work on Boulder Dash EX.

Production History[]

Song Credits[]

Mega Man X5

  • Dynamo -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Dark Necrobat Stage -- Composition & Arrangement
  • X vs Zero -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Sigma 1st -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Sigma 2nd -- Composition & Arrangement


  • Kamisaka is also a photographer, as confirmed by his Twitter account.[2]
  • In November 2023, in celebration of Mega Man X5's 23rd anniversary, Kamisaka created a Spotify playlist that identified his contributions to the game (among other works).[3]