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NEST was a large, subterranean laboratory complex located in the Arklay Mountains not far from Raccoon City, and directly beneath the Umbrella Chemical Plant. It was operated by Umbrella USA, and for its entire existence was managed by its chief of research, Dr. William Birkin.

This sprawling facility, built primarily for the research and development of the G-Virus, was well linked to other facilities in and around Raccoon City. NEST was built within limestone deposits within the Arklay Mountains, and directly below a chemical plant. To serve a perfect facade, entrance to NEST from directly above could either be performed through an elevator shaft hidden in one particular train shelter in the marshalling yard, or by taking the nearby train elevator into NEST. Beneath this train shelter were at least two cable car stations, one of which linked to Raccoon City, going through an underground limestone cavern. Alongside this, NEST had a station for Umbrella's private subway, allowing personnel to reach the facility in secret from various places in the city. From NEST itself, individuals could travel to Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, the Arklay Laboratory and a nearby treatment plant, and through cable car the Umbrella executive training center located eight miles north of Raccoon City, and the sewers in the very centre of Raccoon City.


The NEST was constructed in 1991 following the discovery of the G-Virus within a human test subject. Either due to the small size or aging nature of the Arklay Laboratory, Umbrella CEO Dr. Oswell E. Spencer felt an entirely new facility was necessary for this research. Dr. William Birkin, the Arklay Laboratory's chief researcher, was transferred to the laboratory personally to carry out the research along with his wife, Annette.