Muneshige Tachibana.

Muneshige Tachibana is a character from the Sengoku BASARA series of action strategy games. He is the loyal retainer of Sōrin Ōtomo and his element is lightning.


Muneshige wields two chainsaws called the Lightning Edge in battle. Although he is devoted to Sōrin, Muneshige does not necessarily share his religious views. Sōrin has a terrible habit of playfully humiliating him, but Muneshige will never let his anger show. Once, in a cutscene, he even imagined striking Sōrin.

Muneshige has become famous as a character whose thoughts the player is always hearing aloud (for he rarely speaks).


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Historical InformationEdit

Muneshige Tachibana (立花 宗茂) (1567 - November 15, 1643), known in his youth as Senkumaru and alternatively called Munetora Tachibana, was a samurai during the Azuchi–Momoyama period and an Edo Period daimyo. He was the eldest biological son of Shigetane Takahashi, a retainer of Ōtomo clan. He was adopted by Dōsetsu Tachibana and later married his daughter Ginchiyo, succeeding the Tachibana clan.

He was skilled with tactical warfare, the traditional arts, and known for his benevolence. He was heralded as a man who braved many changes in his life.


  • Muneshige's seiyuu is Tetsu Inada, while his voice actor in English is Kyle Hebert in Samurai Heroes.
  • Muneshige has an extra costume in Sengoku BASARA 4 called "Jumbo Xavi."


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