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Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver.

Mr. Gold and Mr. Silver are characters from the 3D action comedy beat 'em up game God Hand where they appear as sub-bosses.


The Siegfried and Roy from hell, these homosexual identical twins dress in bizarre flamboyant Las Vegas-style costumes. If they get a hold of Gene, they perform a combination move which is quite damaging. Naturally, it is best to concentrate on defeating one first, and then the other. They serve as sub-bosses on Stage 1 to their master, Elvis.


  • Mr. Silver is immune to the Roulette Technique: Ball Buster, suggesting he has no sexual organs. Gene even makes a comment that he may have lost his balls during the war (if the player checks his body with the circle button after the fight is over).
  • They are both voiced by Wally Wingert.