Morpheus D. Duvall

Morpheus D. Duvall is a character from the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. He is the primary antagonist of Resident Evil Dead Aim.


Personality Edit

He is utterly obsessed with beauty and grace, his ultimate ambition being to create beauty and elegance by destroying the cold and ugly world he believes exists today. Being megalomaniacal and highly narcissistic, Morpheus has undergone many surgical procedures to maintain his youthful appearance.

Story Edit

Years ago, Morpheus, who was a researcher, was used by Umbrella as one of the many scapegoats for the Spencer Mansion incident which occurred in 1998. Bitter and resentful, Morpheus distanced himself from Umbrella, sinking into madness and thoughts of revenge. To this end, Morpheus stole several T-Virus samples from Umbrella's Paris laboratory as well as the new experimental T-G Virus, intending to use them to hold the world for ransom. After he and a group of colleagues managed to form a functional group of soldiers and leftover B.O.W.s, he hijacked the Umbrella-owned ocean cruiser, the Spencer Rain, from which he planned to launch T-Virus warheads if his demands were not met.

His plans hit a snag however, when U.S. Stratcom member Bruce McGivern managed to sneak aboard the Cruiser and sabotoge his plans. Morpheus hunted him down and held him at gunpoint, despite the outbreak of the T-Virus. Due to the intervention of Fong Ling, McGivern not only managed to escape, but Morpheus himself was left horribly injured. Desperate to make both McGivern and Ling pay, Morpheus injected himself with the T-G Virus, which mutated him into a new form of Tyrant able to self-generate electricity. Unlike previous instances of either the Tyrant or Gene viruses however (such as William Birkin), Morpheus managed to maintain his mind after the transformation. The T-G Virus' effect managed to actually change his gender to female in both voice and form, developing breasts and a more curvaceous physique (it is unknown if this is typical, or simply a case of the Virus' personal effect on Morpheus). He also retained a humanoid shape, while still endowed with the strength, speed, and ability of a Tyrant.

After engaging Ling and McGivern on several occasions, the mutagenic effects of the Gene element that make up the T-G Virus suddenly began to run rampant in Morpheus' body, similar to Birkin's transformations. To this end, Morpheus began to succumb to it, losing all rationality in the process as his transformations became more and more monstrous. In the end, McGivern caused so much damage to his body that the T-G Virus' unstable regenerative capability caused him to literally explode.

Trivia Edit

  • He shares some personality traits with Vega from Street Fighter; they are both highly narcissistic antagonists obsessed with beauty and they both have a strong hatred for anything that is ugly in their eyes.

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