Mobi-chan throwing a Yashichi.

Mobi-chan (モビちゃん?) is a chibi version of the Mobilesuit α (Alpha) piloted by Lieutenant Henry in Hyper Dyne Side Arms that appeared as an item and as the game's mascot.[1] Mobi-chan appeared as a bonus item in several Capcom games. A few games also contain a chibi version of Mobilesuit β (Beta).

Item appearancesEdit

Other appearancesEdit

  • Red Earth - In a minigame played during the end credits.
  • Namco ✕ Capcom - The chibi versions of Mobilesuits α and β are satellite units used by the Unknown Soldiers. When they use the special move Hyper Dyne Side Arms, the two units temporarily transform into their realistic versions. They also combine when using a Multiple Assault with Sylphie.
  • Mega Man ZX - Appears as a toy in Sardine's hand playing in the hallway Area X-1 of HQ Guardians.


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