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Michelle Aubert.

Michelle Aubert is a character from the Onimusha series of action adventure games. She is a playable character from Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.


Michelle works with Jacques in the Paris police force, in the armed suppression unit. In spite of her stunning beauty, she is as seasoned in combat and criminal standoff situations as Jacques.

She is much younger than Jacques, and joined the unit only recently. Michelle and Jacques have become engaged after only a short period of time. Originally, Michelle was unable to reach out to Henri, Jacques' son. The young boy did not approve of his father remarrying, and refused to allow Michelle into his family. Michelle continued to try to appeal to Henri, in spite of his hurtful insults. Over time, Henri grew to accept her.


  • Assault Rifle - Although smaller in model to Jacques' Model 90, Michelle's submachine gun is slightly more powerful and fires more bullets during its first two-second burst. Even though this is a sufficient weapon, Michelle makes better use of the SPS 15+S.
  • SPS 15+S - Michelle's assault shotgun is a powerful weapon at close range, capable of damaging multiple enemies simultaneously. However, at a distance this weapon causes reduced damage.
  • SPS 15+R - This version of the SPS assault weapon is modified to fire high-caliber rifle slugs with greater accuracy. The laser sighting mounted under the barrel allows for greater targeting ability. This weapon causes the same intense damage regardless of distance from the target. However, the SPS 15+R can only attack one enemy at a time.
  • SPS 15+G - With the proper parts, Michelle has reconstructed the SPS assault weapon to fire fragmentation grenades. The weapon's kick adds additional recovery time between shots, slowing the rate of fire tremendously. However, the explosives fired by the weapon take out several enemies when fired into small crowds. In spite of the slow fire rate and hard kick, this weapon makes Michelle practically invincible.
  • Grenade - When Michelle possesses these hand-tossed explosives, pressing the Triangle button will make her throw them. The Grenade explodes a few seconds after the pin is pulled. If the Grenade is tossed quickly, it sits on the ground a few seconds before detonating. However, a Grenade can be delayed by continuing to hold the Triangle button after Michelle pulls the pin. Hold the button long enough and Michelle tosses the Grenade at the last second. Delayed Grenades reduces the chance for enemies to escape the blast radius. Throw Grenades into small crowds to cause intense damage to multiple foes, or use Grenades to weaken oversized enemies and throw them off-balance.


  • Michelle's unlockable special qutfit (acquired by clearing the game with an "S" ranking in Normal difficulty or higher) is a bathroom towel (as seen below).