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Neo Mettaur

A Met, or Metall, is a recurring Mechaniloid enemy from the Mega Man games.

The name "Met" is derived from the word hel met. They are also called Mettool or Mettaur, depending on the Mega Man series. Mets contain an indestructible hard hat that makes them invincible while hiding under it, although a few games allow the player to bypass this. For example, they can be flipped with the Oil Slider in Mega Man Powered Up and with guard breaking attacks in Mega Man X8.


Classic Mega Man

Mega Man 10

In the original Mega Man game, Metalls merely stand in one place and shoot at the player. When attacked within close range, they quickly hide under their protective helmets. They can only be destroyed when they are shot in a raised position.

In Mega Man 2, the Neo Metall was an upgrade of the original model which allowed it to be mobile.

The Metall DX in Mega Man 3 acts similar to the Neo Mettaur, but there are some that have retractable propellers in their heads, allowing them to fly.

In Mega Man 5, Jetpac Mettaurs are Mettaurs equipped with jet packs to chase enemies. Because of this, they are unable to shoot or hide into their helmets. In the same game, Train Mettaurs ride locomotives and the Mettaur Cannon is a cannon with a Mettaur operating it.

The Metall Potton, a large gumball machine-like enemy, in Mega Man 6 dispenses two types of Mettaurs, dropping them one by one. Mega Man can move on only after destroying it. It appears in Tomahawk Man's stage and in the final section of Dr. Wily's castle and also makes a cameo in one of the stages in Marvel vs. Capcom.

The Heli Metall in Mega Man 7 is a Mettaur with a propeller at the top of its helmet, making it airborne. In the same game, the Swim Metall DX is a Mettaur that is able to get around underwater with the ease of a fish. Lastly, the Helmeter comes equipped with a vertical blade on its head.


Mettaurs mostly appear as relatively harmless enemies, but there are also bosses such as the giant Mettaur in Dr. Wily's castle in Mega Man 4, Metall Daddy.

In Mr. X's castle in Mega Man 6, there is a Mettaur boss operating a tank, named Metonger Z.


  • Mets appear in the first three games from the Mega Man Zero series but they appear as Hacker Cyber-elves instead of normal enemies.
  • In Mega Man ZX, there is a giant Mettaur mini-boss named Powmettaur.


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