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  • Really, thank you again for you help with the vandal! He is pretty persistent and you did an amazing job, I did'nt have time to see what's happening that you had already corrected the situation. You have always been a great help so it's why a promote you mod on the wikia (but I won't force you to be there all days, do it just as you want)

    The fandom support is helping us with this situation but they warned me to not protect the pages (they already put a protection on all the pages of the wikia) as it's not permitted that a wiki could be only edited by admins and moderators. The next time, I recommend you to block the vandals as soon as you see the problem and I will, following it, prolonge his block to one year.

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    • It's no problem Coral0excess. I'm just doing my part in having to help you and the wiki out as much as I can and that I'll try to still continue my own support in having to aid and contribute to the wiki itself. Also, I wholeheartedly apologize for not saying this to you much sooner, but I truly and really thank and appreciate you for making me into a content moderator on the wiki and that I personally accept it with my own heart and spirit. Also, from what I've seen and read on the FANDOM rules, a content moderator doesn't have the power to block vandal users upon sight, so until I'm able to meet the special requirements needed to become an administrator (which they have the power to block vandal users upon sight), I'm unable to help you out in blocking the vandal users (and I also apologize for causing any unexpected trouble towards you concerning the situation at hand) and that the only thing I can do is to eliminate the vandalism as soon as possible. Until then Coral0excess, take care and continue to move forward with your resolve and determination.

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