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Mega Twins (チキチキボーイズ, Chiki Chiki Bōizu?, Chiki Chiki Boys in Japan) is an arcade game, first released in 1990. The game features twins who are attempting to re-take control of their land, Alurea, after a monster unexpectedly attacks, destroying everything in its path. The people of Alurea have lived in peace for a thousand years and have forgotten how to fight, yet the land's only survivors, the twin sons of the king, must take up the challenge and return their kingdom to its former glory.


The game takes the form of a scrolling platform/beat 'em up game, with the players controlling the characters of the twins. The game can be played alone (in which case only one of the twins is present), or with two players together controlling one twin each.

In addition to moving around, the players can jump and also cling to vertical walls, allowing them to climb to areas that would otherwise be out of reach. Each player is armed with a magic sword, which is the main weapon used against enemies. Magic bombs can also be collected as the game progresses, each of which will cause damage to all enemies on the screen when used. Only a limited number of these bombs can be carried by the players at a time. Each player has an energy bar which is depleted each time contact is made with an enemy or projectile. When the energy reaches zero, the player loses a life.

Chests are scattered throughout the game (some of which are hidden and must be discovered), the majority of which contain coins that award points to the player, some of them contain weapon upgrades and life-ups, such as a pill that replenishes the players' energy bars and an enhanced magic sword/shield. Some chests are also trapped and disburse tiny frogs that can catch the player off-guard and cause damage.


(From the opening intro):

"When the Dragon's Eyes turn pale, the dark shall vanish and time shall stop. When the Essence of Life reawakens, the lost earth shall become green and all will be light. And then time shall flow and peace shall reign."


Once upon a time a horrible monster came without warning upon an unsuspecting land and decimated everything in its path.

The paradise land of Alurea was hit hard.

It's peolple, having known peace for 1000 years, had forgotten the savagery of battle and the land was destroyed.

Only the King's twin infant sons survived.

Fifteen years later...


  • Unknown Blue Boy - The older of the Mega Twins who is destined to succeed the Alurea throne. He is about 5 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs 105 pounds.
  • Unknown Red Boy - The younger of the Mega Twins who seeks to avenge their parents. He is about 5 feet tall and weighs 103 pounds.
  • Princess Nana - The twins' carer who provides them council while they progress in their quest to eradicate the monsters.
  • Callia - The Earth Goddess who rewards the twins for liberating the earth area.
  • Meius - The Heavens God who rewards the twins for liberating the heavens area. He also provides them a ride to escape the collapsing Monster Castle.
  • Poseiden - The Sea God who rewards the twins for liberating the sea area.
  • Riepotmahn - The Demon Clown who brought the evil to Alurea. Although immortal, the twins are able to defeat him with their swords and magic.

Rounds and bosses[]

Round Boss
1 - The Earth-CALLIA Rock Golem
2 - The Heavens-MEIUS Cloud Kid (Mid-Boss)
Two-Headed Dragon
3 - The Sea-POSEIDEN Lobster (Mid-Boss)
Angler Fish
4.1 - Discovery of Monster Castle Two-Headed Dragon (Mid-Boss)
4.2 - Invasion of Monster Castle Bouncing Robot (Mid-Boss)
Thunderborn Scorpion
4.3 - Monster Castle's Dungeon Skeleton Swordsman (Mid-Boss)
4.4 - Into the Sky Thunderborn Scorpion (Mid-Boss)
4.5 - Top of Monster Castle Riepotmahn
5 - Escape to Paradise Riepotmahn

Home ports[]

  • Ports for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers were developed by Twilight and Tiertex, and published by U.S. Gold in 1992, only in Europe. Ports for the Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC computers were announced, but never released.[1]
  • A Mega Drive/Genesis port was developed by Sega and Visco, and published by Sega in 1992. It was released in all regions under the original Japanese title.[2]
  • A PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² port was released by NEC Avenue in 1994, only in Japan.[3]
  • The game is included in these compilations:


Arcade Version [The Crew][]

Game Design: Bully Duck
Director: Poo, Okamoto
Object Design: Manbou, Ikusan Z, Unicorn Mayumi
Scroll Design: Zummy & Ziggy
Sound Design: Hifumi
Hard Design: Kuccan
Special Thanks: Ozzy, Kame, Satochin, Genie
Programming: Blbon, Meijin, Sʉikou Yuki
Presented by: Capcom


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