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Mega Man Soccer (Rockman's Soccer in Japan) is a sports game in the classic Mega Man series, released in 1994. It was produced by series mainstay Tokuro Fujiwara.


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Japanese cover art.


"Mega Man, Roll, and Dr. Light are watching a national game of soccer on TV, when suddenly, Robots take over the field. Dr. Wily is planning to take over the world again! But, he's going to do it this time by controlling the game. Mega Man has to play soccer to save the world!".


NOTE: Only accessible via hacking. Game Design: Yatsuhou, Red, Mickey
Main Program: Kwaeru.T
Sub Program: Mink.M
Guest Program: Gero
Program Support: Koba
Graphics: 7852, Ori-Chan, Mario-Chan, Sumire, Q-Chan, Matabichi, Rakkasei-Ondo, Yoshimi, Kaoru, Okaaa-Chan, Patriot-Yamazoo
Sound Program: Tomi
Sound: Oka, Tomi, Noririn
Special Thanks: Hitomi-San, Makino-San, Kwa-Chan, Sasa-Chan, Iwa-Chan, Nao
Director: Yaccyan!
Producer: Professor F

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