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Mega Man Powered Up (known as Rockman Rockman in Japan) is a 2006 PlayStation Portable remake of the original game released in 1987.

The game features a new super deformed art style in addition to two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man. Also, like in Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man & Bass, and the Mega Man X series, there is a new introductory level that comes before the main level selection screen, complete with a new boss at the end. Also included is the ability to play as all 8 Robot Masters from the game, as well as Mega Man, Roll (downloadable), and Proto Man (unlockable and downloadable). The Robot Masters are unlocked by defeating them with the Mega Buster. They also can be used to complete certain character-specific challenges and levels in Story Mode.

MM Up Japan Art

Powered Up Japanese Cover Art

The game offers two ways to play each level. "New Style" takes advantage of the wide PSP screen and features altered level design with brand-new remixed music. There are actually 468 New Style stages in this mode, 13 for each difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard), and 39 for each character. "Old Style" recreates the original aspect ratio and level design of the original Mega Man for NES, and features the original NES game music, but still retains the 3D graphics and super-deformed art style. When using another weapon, it shows how many uses are left, similar to Mega Man 8.

The game also contains a challenge mode, a level editor, and an online infrastructure mode to distribute fan-made levels online.



PSP - MegaMan Powered Up Intro (HD)

  • A demo version of this game is playable in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.
  • Strangely, Proto Man states that he has an unstable nuclear core. In the first few games, he had an unstable solar core, and Dr. Wily doesn't seem to be aware of Proto Man's existence, while he took Proto Man in, again, within the first few games, making this game have quite a few plot holes. However, Proto Man's story is non-canon and is more of a bonus "what-if"-type scenario.
  • Mega Man's bio in the instruction booklet mentions that he likes animals, especially dogs. This is a possible nod to Rush.
  • Knight Roll, one of Roll's eleven downloadable alternate costumes, is a reference to Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins.

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