Marvin Branagh is a character from the Resident Evil series.

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Branagh was a well-respected officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. He was one of only two living police officers in the station when Leon S. Kennedy arrived (the other was killed by a Licker).

Marvin was responding to a disturbance at the power station, when the outbreak began. Surrounded by zombies, he was rescued by the members of Squad A, Platoon Delta, of the U.B.C.S.. Wasting no time, Marvin quickly aided the commandos in the search for survivors of the chaos in Raccoon City.

Recognizing that the outbreak was beyond the government's control, Marvin rallied a small group of survivors at the police station, until the cold, dark reality set in that the R.P.D., too, was a death trap. Never losing his cool, Marvin organized the survivors into a search party, determined to find an alternative escape route. Shortly before help arrived, Marvin was fatally bitten by a zombie and remained behind, buying time for the others to escape.

When Jill Valentine entered the police station while on the run from Nemesis, she encountered a sleeping Marvin, no doubt conserving his energy after suffering his earlier injuries.

Marvin later gave Leon a keycard that would allow him access to the station, shortly before he succumbed to his wounds. When Leon found Marvin as a zombie some time later, he killed him with a shot to the head.

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  • He was born in 1959 and died 1998.

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