DarkStalkers Marionette Tribute Art

"Under The Spell of Marionette", by Jason Cardy

Marionette (Marionetto in Japan) is a secret character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games. She first appeared in Vampire Hunter 2.


Marionette is a rag doll-like toy (a puppet) creature, resembling a woman in a leaf-like dress, jester hat, and heels with short hair and a wind up key on her back. It is said that a evil phantom, Shadow, made a young woman his slave, turning her into a puppet in order to fulfill his task.

Marionette's powers are like some sort of a mirror. She possesses a copy of a dead body that looks like her opponent. As she lowers herself into the body, the strings disappear and the body comes alive. This grants her the ability to know every power, weakness, and secret of her opponent.



Marionette Breathing
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