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Marino is a character from the Mega Man X series who appear as one of the playable characters in Mega Man X: Command Mission. Her starting weapon is the Beam Knife.


Lightning-fast with weapons as well as wit, Marino describes herself as a "petty thief", but her ambitions are anything but petty. Seeing the conflict between the Rebellion and Resistance the perfect smokescreen for her activities, she snuck into Giga City in order to steal the rumored Force Metal Generator for herself. But when she was nearly killed by Dr. Psyche's goons, Cinnamon saved her life, and she threw her lot in with the Rebellion. Though she still acts like a cynical loner at times, Cinnamon and X's selfless behavior has brought out a more generous side to her.


Marino makes up for her relatively low strength with incredible speed and versatility. She can equip both Combat and Shot Weapons, the latter also being available in all three Elements, further increasing her flexibility. Her various Action Trigger results up her offensive skills, plus allow her to liberate enemies of valuable items that would otherwise be difficult to take.

It takes a sharp eye and good reflexes to use, but the Emotional Reel's variety of attacks can really help. As the reels spin; hit the attack button to stop them so they line up three of the same symbol in a row. Mismatched symbols (or three "minus" symbols) results in the Marino Stamp, a Combat attack that's only 30% stronger than her normal move. Though she starts with only three winning combinations, she can raise it to five as time goes on.

Emotional Reel Matches[]

  • Hyper Dive - Combat attack at 100% power.
  • I'll Take That! - 1-hit attack, guaranteed item steal
  • Your Life, Please! - 3-hit attack at 50% power, LE (life energy) gain equal to damage given.
  • Scattered Flower - 3-hit Shot attack with high chance of instant-kill.
  • Mirage Drive - 1-hit Combat attack at 150% power.
  • Marino Stamp - Combat attack at +30% power.

Hyper Mode[]

Marino's Hyper Mode form is called Quicksilver. In this mode, she has several enhancements, but they all pale before her phenomenal speed. At higher levels, Quicksilver can give her a string of a half-dozen or more uninterrupted turns. While this can be used to lay on a steady stream of attacks, it's also useful for using multiple party-assisting items or sub-weapons, prepping them for combat.