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This is about the artist. For the composer, see Makoto Tomozawa. For the Street Fighter character, see Makoto.
Tsuchibayashi Photo

Makoto Tsuchibayashi.

Makoto Tsuchibayashi (June 30, 1971) is an artist and character designer best known for his work on Devil May Cry and Sengoku BASARA. He became a freelancer after leaving Capcom in 1999, doing work on three games published by Sega. However, he still worked with Capcom on the Sengoku BASARA series until Samurai Heroes. He was born in Osaka, Japan.



Other Works[]

  • Shinobi - (2002) - character designer
  • Nightshade - (2003) - character designer
  • Vanquish - (2010) - character designer
  • Bravely Default - (2012) - guest illustrator
  • ClassicaLoid - (2017) - character designer


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