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Magma Man.

Magma Man (Maguma Man in Japanese) is a character from the classic Mega Man series of action platformer games. He is one of the Robot Master bosses in Mega Man 9 created by series villain Dr. Wily.


Magma Man is designed to be a walking volcano. He can withstand high temperatures and loves visiting hot spas.

Stage Information[]

There are two instant deaths in Magma Man's stage:

  • Touching one of the magma pits causes an instant death.
  • Magma pipes (similar to the ones in Turbo Man's stage) are common in this stage. They spread lasers and can cause an instant death, like the ones in the infamous Quick Man stage from Mega Man 2.


Magma Man has two attacks:

  • When Magma Man isn't charging when using his Magma Bazooka, touching a flame takes a few units of damage.
  • When Magma Man is charging when using his Magma Bazooka, touching a flame can cause a great deal of damage to Mega Man and Proto Man.

It's best to use Tornado Blow to get rid of the flames and get rid of him quickly to save time.


  • Magma Man's eyes are blue in his artwork. However, in his mugshot, his eyes are red.
  • Whenever Mega Man or Proto Man is very close to the magma in his stage, there's a small spark effect near him.
  • Magma Man is one of the only fire Robot Masters to have their heads erupted and have flamethrowers. The other is Fire Man.