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Mack the Knife, known as Jennety (ジェネティー Jenetī?) in Japan and going by the codename Mummy Commando on the character select screen, is a character from the beat 'em up game Captain Commando.


Mack the Knife is a mummy-like alien warrior from Planet Genetic and a member of the Commando Team. His home planet destroyed by Scumocide[2], Mack landed on Earth and was first met by Captain Commando, becoming friends. Helped out by Commando's father Dr. Alexander, he shared his planet's technology, called Over-Technology (オーバーテクノロジー Ōbātekunorojī?), with him and his colleagues, which was later used to create Commando's technological gadgets[1]. Despite efforts to keep this technology a secret from Scumocide, he eventually found out and had the whole group murdered[1]. In order to fight back against Scumocide and his group of Super Criminals, Mack joins the Commando Team in earnest.[2]

Mack is described as a cool and collected individual, keeping himself calm and level-headed even in the middle of battle. Exclusive to his appearance in Namco X Capcom, he's shown to be completely silent and only express himself in elipsis. He's not actually mute, however, as Baby Head can actually understand him and often translates to the others what he has said.

Powers and Abilities[]


Mack is equipped for battle with the following:

  • Genetic Bandage (ジェネティック バンデージ Jenetikku Bandēji?): A life-sustaining equipment required for his survival on Earth.
  • Genetic Knife (ナイフ Naifu?): Known simply as "Knife" in Japan, and said to be made in his home planet Genetic. These knives are capable of melting all matter.
  • Gravity Controllers (重力等加器 Jūryoku-tō Kaki?): His shoes are capable of adjusting the gravitational pull to where it's best for battles.
  • Captain Cap (キャプテン キャップ Kyaputen Kyappu?): A souvenir from his first meeting with Captain Commando.

Fighting Techniques[]

Mack fights using two sub-sonic knives capable of melting any enemy they make contact with. His Special Move is the Spinning Attack (スピニングアタック Supiningu Atakku?), a sure-killing technique. Spinning round like a top, his bandages lash his enemies like whips. His Dash Attacks are Double Trouble (クロスアタック Kurosu Atakku?, lit. Cross Attack) and Sky Assault (ジャンピングアタック Janpingu Atakku?, lit. Jumping Attack). Double Trouble sticks his enemy with both knives and Sky Assault is an airborne version of Double Trouble. Mack can also grab his enemy and either stick them or throw them.

In the Marvel vs. Capcom series, he can be summoned by Captain Commando to perform a high-flying version of his Spinning Attack, and he combines with the other members of the team to perform Captain Commando's Hyper Combos "Captain Sword" and "Captain Storm". In Namco × Capcom, Mack has two varieties of the Spinning Attack and a Knife Combo (ナイフコンボ Naifu Konbo?), consisting of three quick straight stabs with his right knife, an inwards swing with his left knife, a follow-up swing with his right knife and finally a descending full circular stab with both knives. He also appears with the rest of the team (and Guy) for Commando's Captain Sword and Captain Storm Multiple Assaults.

Manga appearance[]

Mack the Knife appears in the Captain Commando manga, although he's the least developed character of the team. He works primarily as Captain Commando's shadow bodyguard, watching over him from afar as he goes around doing his duties as CEO of Star Electronics, and protects him from any possible threat he may be unaware of, as well as investigates anything or anyone suspicious in his surroundings. He initially doesn't trust Sarah Kisaragi and her desire to learn Captain Commando's secret identity, but eventually comes to accept her as an ally, and helps her when she gets involved with Dr. T.W. and the mysterious girl Tina. He is also initially hostile to Ginzu due to his dry personality and unwillingness to join the team, but they end up working together to uncover the enemy's operations near the end of the manga.

According to the manga's author, Mack's secrets would have been revealed in Volume 3 had the manga not been cancelled.

Other appearances[]

  • Mack appears as a playable pair unit in Namco X Capcom, fighting alongside Baby Head.
  • Mack appears as part of a Capcom collaboration in Langrisser Mobile, being a dual unit together with Ginzu.


  • His English name, "Mack the Knife", is taken from a popular 1928 Jazz song whose lyrics describe a knife-wielding criminal of the London underworld who the song's name is referencing.


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