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MaXplosion is an action platformer game developed for the Apple iOS, developed by Capcom Europe.


MaXplosion is a pick up and play platformer that puts the player in the role of Max who wants to escape the clutches of the nefarious M.A.D. (Ministry of All Destruction) organization. Max has the ability to explode at will allowing the player to "bounce" off surfaces and reach far flung locations. Max’s predilection to explode also comes in remarkably handy as an offensive weapon against the M.A.D. scientists and evil minions attempting to thwart his escape.

The game features retro stylized cartoon artwork, twenty levels filled with interactive objects (including rotating platforms, water jets, lasers, rideable nukes and missiles), three epic boss fights and six enemy types. It also has a Game Center Integration with fourty-four achievements and high score leaderboards for each of the twenty levels, as well as an overall high score leaderboard. Players are able to post high scores to Facebook.


MaXplosion has been noted for its strong similarities to 'Splosion Man, a 2009 action platform game by Twisted Pixel, including the same game mechanics. Twisted Pixel programmer Mike Henry said he believed MaXplosion to be "a complete theft". Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford also pointed out that Twisted Pixel Games had once pitched 'Splosion Man to Capcom, but the game was rejected.[1] Wilford later explained that the pitch to Capcom was presented to the US branch of the company, and that the UK division handles all mobile game development. He stated that it was unlikely that Capcom US passed on the game pitch to Capcom UK.[2] Twisted Pixel did not plan to take legal action against Capcom.[3] Capcom responded to the allegations saying that the game was developed independently by Capcom Mobile, a different division from the one that had discussions with Twisted Pixel, and the game's similarities to 'Splosion Man was a coincidence.[4] Twisted Pixel included a hidden jab towards Capcom in the game's sequel, Ms. Splosion Man. Upon finding a secret area the character Star from Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley notices similarities to other games, calling it "a ripoff". The character then states "Who made this game? Capcom?"[5]



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