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This is about the Final Fight character. For the Devil May Cry character, see here.

Lucia Morgan (ルシア・モーガン Rushia Mōgan?) is a character from the Final Fight series of beat 'em up games. She first appeared in Final Fight 3 as one of the four playable main characters, and later made her Street Fighter debut as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.



Lucia has very long, slender and muscular legs and short, blonde hair. She wears a fighting police outfit consisting of a blue sports bra with a brown vest and fingerless gloves, denim shorts, and tennis shoes. Her eyes are brown in the cutscenes and official artworks, but her sprite is blue-eyed. This outfit is her "Nostalgia" costume in Street Fighter V.

In her Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork, she wears a similar outfit, except that her bra is now white and her gloves are blue.

In Street Fighter V, Lucia's hair has grown into shoulder-length with fringes in each sides and is tied into a small ponytail. She wears her dark blue cap adorned with her sunglasses. Lucia's outfit in the game consists of a blue long sleeved mini jacket with police emblems in each sleeves, folded into her cuffs. The collar of her jacket is dark blue. Underneath, she wears a bluish-gray sleeveless collared shirt with a tie in the center. Her sports bra is black, her denim shorts is darker and she wears a bluish gray and yellow stripped stockings, dark blue combat boots and pink soles. She also wears a single dark blue bracelet on her left that resemble gauntlets which is connected to her dark blue fingerless gloves and the other being her matching elbow band on her right elbow.

Her second alternate costume, her battle costume, consists of a black combat vest with several pockets with a dark blue tank top underneath, matching shorts with a black belt around the waist and black combat boots. She also has a black gun holster on her right thigh to match up her kneepads and wears gray fingerless gloves with black linings. Lucia wears sunglasses and wears a black cap with the sign "MPS" at the center of her cap.


Lucia is an enthusiastic, determined, and upright police officer with a smile. She is supportive of those in her company, especially with Cody and Haggar. Behind this smile however is her inability to do housework, most notoriously cooking, exaggerated to the point that she possesses the bad cook trope found in some prominent female characters, be it game, anime or anything in between, where her cooking is so bad it is humorously poisonous.


Final Fight 3[]

A young and petite female detective in the SCU (Special Crimes Unit) from within the Metro City Police Department, Lucia interrupts Mike Haggar as he's talking with Guy, informing him that the city is under attack and from there, Lucia, who wishes to repay Haggar back with a personal act of kind gratitude due to the fact that he had previously cleared her of a false corruption charge joins forces with him, Guy, and a mysterious street fighter named Dean in order to fight against and defeat the Skull Cross Gang, who had established themselves as the new dominant criminal organization of Metro City following the downfall and destruction of the Mad Gear Gang.

Street Fighter V series[]

Having been originally leaked on July 2019,[4] Lucia, along with E. Honda and Poison, was confirmed as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition,[5] marking her debut in the Street Fighter games and her first playable appearance since Final Fight 3.


Fighting style[]

Lucia's fights using self-taught kenpō and self-defense techniques.[1]


Lucia is an agile fighter who utilizes kicks in most of her attacks. She has the ability to emit flames from her feet. Her super move culminates with an impressive and highly damaging flaming kick.


  • There exist official artwork (seen below) of Lucia doing aerobics with Chun-Li, Maki and Guy's fiancee Rena, suggests the four of them may be friends. The fact that both Lucia and Chun-Li are detectives and the resemblance of the former's moves to Chun-Li's signature move, Hyakuretsu Kyaku hints that Lucia may have trained martial arts with Chun-Li.
  • An image of Lucia, Dean and Mike Haggar can be seen in issue one of Udon's Street Fighter Unlimited comic series.[7]
  • She's an old friend of Cody's.
  • She is not very good at housekeeping and cooking, so she usually eats at a Vietnamese restaurant or prepares instant noodles.
  • For years, it was rumored that her surname was Morgan. This was confirmed with her Street Fighter V trailer.
  • Lucia is the ninth Final Fight character to appear playable in the Street Fighter games.
    • She is also the first Final Fight 3 character to appear playable in a Street Fighter game, and also the second playable female protagonist from Final Fight to appear playable in one, the first being Maki.
  • Lucia is the third playable female character in the Street Fighter games originating from the United States, after C. Viper and Poison.
  • In Street Fighter V, Lucia speaks with a Nuyorican accent, dubbed as "Metro city" accent by Capcom, and uses several Puerto Rican slang terms, such as "al garete". In the Japanese version of the game, Lucia speaks in a Kansai dialect.