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Leo (レオ Reo?) is a fighting game character from the fantasy-themed 2D arcade game Red Earth where he is one of the four playable main characters. He is the thirty-five year old half-lion king of Greedia.


Red Earth[]

In 1999, unknown invaders attacked Greedia and drove Leo out as well as cursing him, transforming him into his then current state. The 3 Wise Men tried to remove the curse but couldn't. Now Leo uses the curse as his strength to "repay his debt to his countrymen" only to return to Greedia and find a large number of people (civilians and soldiers) have been kidnapped, and the monster Hauzer awaiting him.

Other media[]

Capcom Fighting Evolution[]

Leo appeared as a playable character in Capcom Fighting Evolution, along with Hauzer, Hydron and Kenji.

Profile text: Long since the antiquated times of the country's myth, Leo is Greedia's king. Due to his appearance, having the body of a half beast, it is difficult for him to shed the suspicion of others with dignity.


  • Leo appears in the background of the Fireplace stage in Pocket Fighter. Akuma also dresses as him during some of his combos.


Attacks and abilities[]

  • Chronos Rush - A headbutt move.
  • Mars Slash - Leo pulls his sword back and brings it down hard on his foe.
  • Hercules Rush - A huge sword combo attack.
  • Mystic Force - An elemental attack.
  • Achilles Rush - Rushing attack.
  • Chronos Revenge - Dash attack with a high sword strike.
  • Achilles Revenge - Dash attack with a low sword strike.
  • Gigas Driver - Leo's Super Move. Powered-up version of the Gaia Driver. Begins with a combo and ends with a Piledriver.


As Leo levels up by fighting opponents in Red Earth, his title changes and grants him more abilities. His titles are as follows:

  • Soldier - (Level 1)
  • Swordsman - (At Level 3)
  • Fighter - (At Level 6)
  • Revenger - (At Level 10)
  • Victor - (At Level 14)
  • Warrior - (At Level 19)
  • Hero - (At Level 25)
  • Warlord - (At Level 32)


  • As Leo levels up in Red Earth, he gains a Bronze Sword and a Wooden Shield. It is also possible for him to gain an Elemental Sword (Fire, Ice or Electricity) at higher levels.
  • In Street Fighter V, Alex has Leo's attire as one of his alternate costumes.
  • The name "Leo" means "lion" in Latin, which refers to his appearance.
    • Lions are also a symbol of royalty and male lions are often called the "king of animals", fitting his position as a king.


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