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Kotaro Fuma in Sengoku BASARA 2: Heroes.

Kotaro Fūma is a character from the Sengoku BASARA series of action games.


The legendary shinobi who once served the Hōjō family, Kotaro is a mysterious being who simply keeps on fighting according to the orders of his employer, without speaking a single word or displaying his intentions. In Sengoku BASARA 4, he's been hired for 'a certain reason' that Matsunaga Hisahide has in mind, fighting all over the land of Hinomoto as ordered.

In battle, Kotaro's quick, ninja-like movements toy with his enemies as he releases a continuous flurry of attacks. No one has ever seen his face completely unmasked, but his fiery red hair is difficult to forget. His element is wind.

Tsuruhime is oddly infatuated with him.



(As of Samurai Heroes)

  • Twin Strikes - Kotaro's basic weapon.
  • Twin Radiants - 5% chance of extra wind based attack damage.
  • Twin Remnants - BASARA gauge fills quicker than normal.
  • Twin Zeroes - 10% chance of extra wind based attack damage.

Kotaro has more than one "joke" weapon in the series. The earlier one is a beach ball-shaped pin cushion. A later one is paper batons of cotton candy which he strikes his enemies with. He also wears a cotton candy machine on his back.


  • Spindrive - kicks enemies into the air with swords.
  • Dash - races forward with ninja swords spinning in both hands.
  • Disperse - transforms self into multiple shuriken, pulling in and cutting enemies up. (Unlocked at Level 5)
  • Counter - teleports over to and slices up enemies that attack while writing seals. (Unlocked at Level 10)
  • Seal - sends enemies within sealed area into the air. (Unlocked at Level 20)
  • Shuriken - throws a giant shuriken at enemies. (Unlocked at Level 35)
  • Izuna - grabs enemies, leaps into the air and smashes them headfirst into the ground. (Unlocked at Level 50)

Historical information[]

The character is loosely based on a famous Japanese ninja. He was in the service of the Hōjō clan of Odawara, and the archrival of Hanzō Hattori.


  • One of Kotaro's several unlockable alternate outfits has him completely silver, from head to toe. Another has him dressed like a giant wasp.