Kokari is a supporting character from the Ōkami series of action adventure games.

Profile Edit

A young fisherman, he resides in Agata Forest with his father, Karude.

Personality Edit

Upon first meeting him, Kokari comes off as a crybaby, unconfident, and a bit of a coward. However, after Amaterasu saves his dog Ume from Tsuta Ruins, he becomes more sure of himself and sets out to fix the bridge that connects Agata Forest with Taka Pass. He also learns, from Ume, to be more adventurous since he was too timid to do anything that may put his and/or Ume's safety at risk.

Later on, after the defeat of Orochi, he realizes that his life was rather insignificant and wanted to do more, and become "a real man like Susano". He really grows from a crybaby to a more mature person. This is evident when Amaterasu meets him again in Kamui. He tells her that the forest was good but that it was nothing compared to the harsh nature of Kamui. This could also mean that he's become more connected with nature.

Appearance Edit

Kokari is a very small, short boy with short, black hair and a curved unibrow. He is recognizable by his rabbit skin coat that is very similar to his father's. The rabbit skin coat Kokari wears is orange, with a backpack strap running through the middle to help support his backpack. He also is always found with the fishing pole he carries to fish with; Kokari is almost always seen next to a river or a large body of water. Lastly, he has a small rabbit hat on his head.

Story Edit

Ōkami Edit

Amaterasu and Issun first meet Kokari in Agata Forest, where Kokari worries about his lost his dog, Ume, in the Tsuta Ruins. After rescuing Ume, Amaterasu helps Kokari with a variety of tasks, including helping him catch fish, most notably the Giant Salmon. Later in the story, Amaterasu must help him catch Whopper, the legendary fish, to save Ume (again), and recover the Crescent Celestial Brush Technique. After Amaterasu slays Orochi, he takes part in the Kamiki Festival and tells her that he won't be in the forest anymore, instead traveling across the land. Kokari travels across Nippon afterwards, ultimately ending up in Kamui.

Ōkamiden Edit

Kokari returns to to Agata Forest at some point after the end of Ōkami and meets Chibiterasu and Kuni in Agata Forest while fishing for a "monster catfish", revealed to be Bullhead.


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