Kazushi Ueda (上田 和史) is a guitarist employed by Capcom in the early '90s who performed as part of their in-house band, Alph Lyla. He is credited by the alias Uppy (うっぴぃー) in all of the band's live appearances and commercial releases.

Production History Edit

Song CreditsEdit

Captain Commando -G.S.M. Capcom 5-

<Arrange Version>

  • Crime Jungle (Captain Commando) -- Guitar (w/Isao Abe)
  • No way except pushing (Wonder 3 "Don't Pull") -- Guitar (w/Isao Abe)
  • The Miraculous Forest (Wonder 3 "Roosters") -- Guitar (w/Isao Abe)
  • Hold the Clouds (Wonder 3 "Chariot") -- Guitar (w/Isao Abe)
  • Get A Flash Stopper!! (Rockman 4) -- Guitar (w/Isao Abe)

Game Music Festival ~Super Live '92~

  • Crime Jungle -- Guitar
  • Street Fighter II Medley '92 GMF Version -- Guitar

Varth: Operation Thunder Storm -G.S.M. Capcom 6-

  • Can I Shoot Any Longer (Varth Stage 18, 28) -- Guitar
  • Thor's Hammar (Varth Stage 9, 13) -- Guitar
  • Ready to Fight! (Street Fighter II' Staff Roll) -- Guitar
  • The Fight (in the cause of Peace and Justice) (Knights of the Round - Round 2) -- Guitar
  • Swear (Knights of the Round - Round 8) -- Guitar
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