BASARA 4 Katsuie Shibata

Katsuie Shibata

Katsuie Shibata is a character from the Sengoku BASARA series of games set in feudal Japan. He made his first appearance (in current form) in Sengoku BASARA 4. Katsuie's weapon of choice is a double-bladed naginata and his element is wind.


Katsuie Shibata is a vanguard in the Oda army clad in green armor. His master is Nobunaga. Under his helmet is jet black hair in a bowl-shaped haircut.



  • Geometry of Emptiness - (空虚の幾何 kuukyo no kika) - Katsuie spins his naginata above his head. If used in the air, Katsuie's descent will be slowed down.
  • Pure Frustration - (挫折の純正 zasetsu no junsei) - Katsuie perfoms a simple upward swing. If fully charged, Katsuie follows it with a jumping spinning attack.
  • Truncation of Fear - (畏怖の切頭 ifu no secchou) - Katsuie spins his naginata vertically while charging into enemies, ending with a horizontal slash to the left. If fully charged, he performs another horizontal slash at the end.
  • Relativity of Powerlessness - (無力の相対 muryoko no soutai) - Katsuie slashes a square around him, creating a small pillar of light. If fully charged, Katsuie breaks the pillar of light instead of letting it fade away.
  • Degeneracy of Sorrow - (悲嘆の縮重 hitan no shukujuu) - Katsuie shoots a circular windblade. Each charge adds 1 windblade in addition to the original. If fully charged, Katsuie shoots three windblades, then follows it with another set.

Historical InformationEdit

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  • Apparently, Ranmaru Mori was fond of him, since Ranmaru appears in Katsuie's anime flashback, embracing him.
  • One of his unlockable costumes in Sengoku BASARA 4 has him donning Nagamasa's armor.
  • In Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes, he was an NPC general that could be recruited as an ally by beating "Incident at Honno-ji" as Oichi in Story Mode. However, this "Katsuie Shibata" is a different version of him.


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