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Kalinka in Mega Man 4

Kalinka is a character from the original Mega Man series, she first appeared in Mega Man 4.


Kalinka is the nine year old daughter of Dr. Cossack. She was kidnapped by Dr. Wily and used as a bargaining chip to force her father to carry out Wily's own world domination scheme. Fortunately, she was rescued by Proto Man and returned to Cossack before his battle with Mega Man got out of hand.

Mega Man Megamix Vol. 2 profile[]

"Kalinka is Dr. Cossack's only daughter. Her special talents include ballet dancing and playing the piano, but she dreams of one day becoming a princess in a big castle. (It is possible that the exterior of Dr. Cossack's laboratory is shaped like a castle because Dr. Cossack wanted to make Kalinka's dream come true in a small way.) Ensuring Kalinka's safety was the reason Dr. Cossack went into battle against Mega Man when she was kidnapped by Dr. Wily. From time to time, Kalinka feels that her father pays more attention to his robots than her, which results in a twinge of jealousy. Recently, however, she seems to have more pressing concerns on her mind."

Other appearances[]

She returned in a cameo role carrying a banner with Roll in Mega Man Soccer.

Kalinka and Cossack also appeared as playable characters in the Japan-only Wily and Light's RockBoard.