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Kadie is a character from the beat 'em up game Crimson Tears.


Kadie is the youngest of the group, both in her crafted appearance and in terms of her time in existence. She appears to be sixteen years old, but in reality she's even younger. This doesn't show through in her fighting, though. She's a skilled combatant, despite her naiveté.

Kadie's strength lies in her high attack power, and in her ability to wield the heavier weapons. She's the only character that can use the fast Combat Claws and the dangerous Buster Sword. She has lower defense and health than the other two, which is her weak point, but she's quick enough to avoid a lot of attacks and can really dish out some damage of her own. She has no dual-wielding ability, but because of this, her meltdown gauge is easier to keep under control.