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Jumbo Flapjack (Kimala the Bouncer in Japan) is a character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.



His appearance is inspired by the late real-life wrestler John "Earthquake" Tenta, and he also has a very similar mohawk to Zangief's own.

The jagged face paint patterns, girth, and fire-breathing also resembles the late real-life wrestler Mr. Pogo, who was a hardcore "heel" wrestler from the early '90s. His Japanese name is a reference to the late real-life wrestler Kamala the Ugandan Giant, an '80s WWF veteran portraying an overweight and facepainted "savage" gimmick. Kamala was enjoying a successful run in All Japan Pro-Wrestling at the time Slam Masters was being developed.


A lover of liquor, Jumbo formerly worked as a bouncer at a bar, but was fired after beating a customer too severely. Afterwards he took a job as a wrestler's bodyguard. However, a fight broke out between Jack and the wrestler (for reasons unknown) which resulted in Jack knocking out his employer. He gladly replaced the wrestler subsequently and made his BWA debut.

Jumbo Flapjack is a dangerous wrestler who enjoys bullying the weak and feels the highest ecstasy when he sees blood dripping from his opponents' wounds. He shows absolute obedience to The Scorpion.


Jumbo Flapjack's favorite attacks are called Giant Swing and Pancake Poison, after which he might slap his belly proudly. His deadly Bear Hug can knock even the stoutest of opponents down to size. Also, his Fire Breath and Poison Breath abilities surely made him rise above competitors on his ascent to the top.