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Julia Whitepearl is a character from the Power Stone series, introduced in Power Stone 2. During Power Change, Julia is known as the "Secret Grace". Although she originated in the sequel, she was made available for Power Stone in Power Stone Collection.



Julia has medium blonde hair with a red clip on both sides of her hair. She wears a red and white hat, red and white gown with a blue tie on her neck, and long white gloves.

In her Power Change mode, her hair becomes longer and is tied in two ringlets. She wears a sleeveless white feathered red ballerina dress with an x mark on the center, a skirt that resembles a chicken-patterned swimming ring, brown stocking with cross designs and v-shaped red boots. She also wears a white crown that looks like three candles on her head, brown gloves with talons resembling bird feet and a red wing-shaped mask.


In her "normal" personality, Julia is a nice and graceful person with a warm, peaceful voice. In her Power Change form however, she becomes wild and crazy with a deeper and deceptive voice.


(Power Stone Collection biography) Julia is the only daughter of the historic Whitepearl family. Behind her tender, elegant grace hides a wild personality that even she was unaware of.

Her parents hoped that the power of the Power Stone, passed down through the family from generation to generation, would calm her down. But the wild side of Julia's split personality stole the stone, and she ran away from home. When she snapped out of it, she found herself in a strange and foreign place.

"I don't know what happened, but I must get out of here and go home!"


Julia flies gracefully with her umbrella which helps her avoid attacks, and she can use it to also attack from the air. Her Queen's Mischief Power Fusion is hard to aim and takes practice to use. Julia's Merry Go Round attack is like Jack's Killer Dance; those not caught can attack her. With her Power Drive, she can set up opponents to chain into Merry-Go-Round. In Power Stone Collection, she unlocks the Stone Sweeper.

Power Drive and Power Fusions[]

  • Slave of Love: Shoots a projectile that when hits opponent leaves them on a stake.
  • Queen's Mischief (Power Fusion) : Shoots a barrage of fiery projectiles from her palms.
  • Merry-Go-Round (Power Fusion) : Conjures up a merry-go-round that can trap multiple opponents.