Character art in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

In the Ace Attorney series of adventure visual novel games, the judge usually refers to the primary unnamed judge who has presided over most of the playable protagonists' cases in the mainline games.



The judge is naïve and gullible, but he is said to give the correct verdict without fail. He tends to change his mind very easily, a trait that both attorneys on both sides often use to their advantage. It often seems that the judge is more likely to side with the prosecution than the defense and to prefer Miles Edgeworth over Phoenix Wright, but this ultimately does not affect his verdict. He also has a tendency to try to take credit for the work that the attorneys did, which annoyed both Wright and Mia.

The judge often comes across as a bit absent-minded and hard of hearing. Even as a child, the commentary on his report card read: "Has poor hearing, and often makes a mistake as a result." He has, on at least one occasion, wasted an entire day searching for his dentures only to realize they were in his mouth all along. This absent-mindedness has led to many comical occurrences in the courtroom. Nevertheless, the judge occasionally shows signs of deep wisdom, with his statements on the nature of the law at the end of the fourth episode in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney as a perfect example.

The judge is very out of touch with technology. He is known not to know the meaning of e-mail or computers, was dumbfounded at the sight of a digital camera, and refers to old-fashioned things such as the gramophone. He also has never heard of nail polish, leaving him puzzled as to why his wife's nails were red.

The judge often lets his fear of certain people get to him. He is horribly afraid of Franziska von Karma and always gives in to her, to the point of forgetting that he has more authority than she does. His fear of one witness, Furio Tigre, forced him to hide under his stand every time Tigre shouted.


  • The real name of the primary judge is never revealed. Phoenix Wright once received the judge's business card, but couldn't read his signature.


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