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Josh Stone

Joshua Stone is a character in the Resident Evil series of survival horror games. He first appears in Resident Evil 5. He is the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance Delta team's leader for the Kijuju mission.


Josh was the Captain of the first team Sheva Alomar joined with the B.S.A.A. and trained Sheva for eight months. After the training was complete, Sheva and Stone remained close friends or, as he puts it, siblings.

According to Stone, he was motivated by the need to save his people, and he faces emotional distress due to the virus that is ravaging his countrymen. He was shown in gameplay videos working alongside Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in the refinery area of the game, as well as the boating area, as revealed at CES '09. Josh was the only surviving member of BSAA Delta team after they were wiped out. In a manner he never explained, Stone made his way to the oil refinery before learning of the death of his team. He followed the order to withdraw, but also attempted to send backup for Chris and Sheva.

After the fight with Albert Wesker, Stone returned with Jill Valentine in a helicopter to save Chris and Sheva and piloted them to safety.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Josh, alongside Jill Valentine, was a playable character in the downloadable content, "Desperate Escape". Taking place after Jill was freed by Chris Redfield, it featured the two going through three chapters to get to the helicopter.

Throughout their journey, the two are attacked by waves and waves of Majini. Josh and Jill use the Majinis' weapons to their advantage, seeing as it is their only way to escape. Jill is able to contact Chris about defeating Wesker, and with Josh's help, she tells him that an overdose should do the trick. The radio is cut and Josh and Jill exit to the rooftop. Doug, the BSAA agent who has the helicopter, has not reached the rooftop yet. Josh and Jill are forced to fight off Majini until Doug finally arrives. But when Doug is killed, Josh (with Jill in tow) is forced to pilot the helicopter out of the area.

Josh is also a playable character in "The Mercenaries Reunion".