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Jeego is a character and enemy from the mystery game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Jeego is a near-sighted hitman who never misses his target, provided it is within point blank range, this has earned him the nickname "Nearsighted Jeego". He was tasked to kill Lynne but was stopped thanks to the actions of Sissel.


Jeego is first seen in the very first chapter of the game, where he succeeds in killing Lynne. However, Sissel then turned back time with his new powers, Jeego was comically flattened by Sissel with a giant wrecking ball and he rolls off the edge of the junkyard's drawbridge never to be seen again for the rest of the game.

Due to the fact that the timeline of the game was changed near the end, causing all the events of the game to become undone, Jeego is presumably still alive.